Whirlwind Romance II

This was my first ever autumnal scene which I created at the time that Suzi and I were planning our winter wedding. I was a little unsure about it in the early stages, as it included some elements and colours that I had not really worked with before, but as time passed it really grew on me and by the time I finished I loved the colour, the movement and the fact that it felt so different from anything I had created previously. We kept this piece hanging in our hallway for many years, and it went on to be a hugely popular limited edition, so obviously collectors felt the same way as I did about it!

Because Whirlwind Romance had such emotional significance for me personally but also struck a chord with others, it has long been a favourite of mine. For the new collection I have introduced some elements of another piece I loved (‘Loveswept’ – hence the umbrella) which was from the same exciting time when Suzi and I were planning our future. The original had one heart leaf which represented our love and the new piece has 13 hearts – one for every year of our marriage

When I look at this picture now I think how lucky we are to have been living out those plans since our whirlwind romance.

Size: 28 x 21 inches
Price: £695

Edition size: 295