Boy Racer II

Where I used to live in Bristol, Russell my next door neighbour was a fanatical car enthusiast. The original was inspired by a group of kids in a restaurant car park - typical boy racers. They inspired the title and the group of dogs sitting in the car, but to make it more personal I produced it using Russell’s sports car and with him in my mind. During this period names of cars were some of Charlie’s first words. Russell helped to nurture this passion with more than one exhilarating excursion with Charlie in the sports car.

I wanted to revisit it as I felt  no celebration of 10 years would be complete without something  that sums up fun and friendship out on the road. I decided to have the characters sitting in the gorgeous red MG that belonged to my much loved Auntie Mary, who was never too busy to take her nephews and nieces out for a spin. This way, the fun and laughter has gained that extra emotional layer as it now reminds me of someone I loved.

Charlie’s passion for cars remains as strong as ever. His dream car is an Aston Martin; he recently got one as a birthday present albeit a remote control version!

Size: 28 x 21 inches
Price: £695

Edition size: 295